N&B builds new homes for West Texans. Take a look. If the house fits you, we invite you to make it yours.

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Look around. There's a new type of home in West Texas: high tech, energy rated, modern design. Read More »

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N&B Homes in Lubbock

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N&B Homes is now building in Lubbock in the North Pointe development.

There’s a new type of home in West Texas.
It’s new and carefully crafted, energy efficient and hassle free.

Handcrafted, Award-Winning Homes

There’s a huge difference between a cookie-cutter home and an N&B Home. It’s the little things, the individual features, paying close attention to what other builders would consider less important that set an N&B Home apart from the rest.

  • Energy Efficient

    Building energy efficient homes reduces the costs of a home for its entire life, making it more affordable, increasing its value per square foot, and improving the comfort of its occupants.

  • Maintenance Free

    All brick exteriors, coupled with alumininum garage doors, overhanging eaves and rafter coverings, makes for a maintenance-free home.

  • Smart Design

    A smart design means having smooth traffic patterns, kitchens you can work in, good-sized bathrooms, ample closet space, and large master bedrooms.

  • Special Needs

    Several ADA Standards for Accessible Design apply to every N&B Home we build. If you catch us early enough in the building process, we may be able to help you more.

  • Planned Communities

    N&B Homes are built in carefully planned communities and constructed in previously undeveloped areas, giving you access to the latest amenities.

  • Eye Appeal

    N&B Homes wins awards for best design, best kitchens, best curb appeal. We want your home to be easy on the eyes and comfortable to live in.


Check out these new developments where N&B Homes is currently building:

  • Newest House

    2806 Nashville Amarillo, Tx 79119

    Check out our newest home.
    Posted on 02/06/2016 | City View Group A

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