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Supply Chain

N&B Homes Flexible Floor Plans and Custom Upgrades are on Hold Until Further Notice. Some Allowances May Apply.

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Robbie Christie Builder

Notice in Regards to Floor Plan Changes and Custom Upgrades

BY N&B Homes Staff

Ongoing supply chain issues including chronic production bottlenecks causing a pause in our Build Your Own customized house program. Flexible floor plans and most custom upgrades are on hold until logistics issues are resolved. Some allowances, such as paint and flooring, may apply.

Contact us for details.

It is difficult finding basic materials we need to meet the current backlog of new construction homes in progress. This ongoing supply chain shortage of building materials is not only an N&B Homes problem. It is affecting the housing industry at the local and national level. The Covid-19 pandemic created an unprecedented situation for all of us.

We hope to bring the Build Your Own customized house program back online as soon as the supply chain issues and production bottlenecks ease off. It may be another year or two before we see everything go back to normal.

In the meantime, we continue to build hundreds of well-appointed, new-construction homes. We probably have a new house underway you would love.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this supply chain crisis.